Cheddar Cheese Press now supports importing Blender files! Submit a ZIP containing a ".blend" file and the tool will export a COLLADA file for use with Mobile Model Viewer.


The purpose of the Cheddar Press tool is to assist 3D model creators with scaling and transforming model files to be displayed on mobile devices. In particular, it was designed for processing model files that will be loaded into Mobile Model Viewer.

Mobile devices have limited memory for textures and vertex data. For example, an Android device is often limited to 16MB of memory per application. This is a problem when a user wants to share their work on their mobile device. Also, the computational power to scale a model on a mobile device is limited. Attempting to resample images and reduce polygon counts on a mobile device is disconcerting. Therefore, this site was created to perform preprocessing before using on a mobile device.

Here is the basic workflow for a 3D model:

Here are the main features of Cheddar Cheese Press:

The Cheddar Press tool was specifically designed to fit into the 3D modellers' workflow. After new models are created or existing models are updated, this tool makes it easy to prepare them to be run on a mobile device. Models can be transformed any number of times for free!